I just started a new job with Sandstorm Kenya after my PriceWaterhouseC Ltd,oopers contract lapsed and i must say am mega excited.I am only 4 days old and already love working for this company.If you know me then you know that i am crazy about bags.I also love the fact that i can wear anything to work.Here is what I wore today from different angles.I wore a brownish maroon midi skirt,light denim shirt,pastel Pink Dorothy Perkins heels.I carried my  small red/blue n white satchel bag i got in Thailand last year.Let me know what you think of the outfit.
The sun is out and I am loving every second of it.Well,I am going to ignore the fact that it was drizzling in the morning in Kitui(yeah for those of you who didn't know I work in Kitui)Today I decided to share a style tip when it comes to wearing you notice me,bold floral print pants.
For those of you who are still rookies in this aspect(I am one too),Here is the easiest way to dress your floral pants without looking like you tired too hard.
Because this pants are so 'alive' they look best if paired with a plain separate that allow them to stand out .Be the center of attention of your outfit.
I must say I have been afraid to try this trend for the longest time but i just discovered how to make this transition easy as 1....2....3.
Here goes,Once you have identified the print pants you what to go with,just pick a secondary color on the print pants and go for a top that is plain in this color.Another trick is to play with the other colors on the pant to pick your accessories.
Another way to go especially if you are going for a casual(which is usually the case if you are opting for floral pants)go with a denim top.The was of denim depends on you and the print on the pants.
However,If you feel that you have already graduated from the easy peezy plain top business you can always go for print on print trend and pair your pants with another print separate.(not as easy as you think)
Here are some pics showing you what i mean.
1.The above pic explains what i meant by picking a secondary color on the pants.you can see some specks of yellow on the pants hence the yellow top.

2.This is not for the faint of heart.Notice how she combines the prints effortlessly?I love it but i wouldn't necessarily wear it.I will need a few months to get used to the one print item on my body.
3.My favorite is the first look with the blue,red,white and black.I am one conservative chic so now you know why i love love it.
xoxo JULEZ
Remember,you can rock anything as long as you've got the balls!
If you read my blog you know that last week I was in Thailand and from my previous post you also know I had a blast.So my everyday routine was wake up at 10am take a bath(am obsessed with tubs)dress up and head out to see the town.I explored the town but for some reason I always forgot to take pictures even after carrying my camera with me.Sorry about that.I did a lot of shopping mainly clothes and shoes.Of course I went clubbing(3 clubs per night)
The malls are massive and I love the setup.Main malls like Siam Paragon and Gaysorn mall have luxury cars and bikes on the top most floor,Renowned designer labels in the next floor.You can imagine how excited I got walking into Chanel,Hermes,Ferragamo and of course as usual Swarovski.It felt like a piece of heaven.On the next floor are stores like Zara,beauty palours,Hair salons etc.On the ground floor are the restaurants  and food stands.The food is amazing.My favorite dish was the green papaya salad.Cant remember what they call it.My fav dessert was sticking rice and mango drizzled with coconut cream.I can still taste it in my mouth if I concentrate hard enough.Thailand,is crazy clean and food is sold everywhere on the streets.The streets were my favorite place to eat.
On to more shopping.Thailand downtown houses Pratunam with malls like Platinum mall.I did most of my shopping here.The stuff is reasonably priced and the mall has 5 floors.First 3 with all sorts of design in clothes while the 4th and 5th floors provides shoes and bags.(I finally got sneaker wedges)this mall is open all day till 8pm,but here is the best part.After 8pm the vendors set up shop on the streets and the prices go down for most of the stuff.They are so organized its unbelievable.

On the last day in Bangkok,I visited the grand palace.The Thai people are mostly Buddhist.This palace,is breathe taking.The walls are made of real gold.Its sad that I couldn't take pics inside the temple.All i will say is that its a sight to behold and there was so much gold I didn't know where to look.Yes!Real gold.Can you imagine if it was in Kenya?I hate to think what would happen.All Kenyans should learn discipline and respect from the Thai people.Which reminds me they follow all traffic rules.

On the last day in Thailand I decided to go to the beach which is 1 and a half hour drive from the Bangkok.Pattaya,Is beautiful.The beach is insanely clean.I didnt swim in the ocean(am not a fan)I prefer the swimming pool.That night,I got to go to the world famous Tiffany show.The performances were impeccable and the costumes.....My God i am still in shock on the detail and quality.Here is the twist and the most fascinating part,all the ladies performing were all once men.they are locally referred to as 'lady boys"Trust me you will have to reread this when you see the pics.

I wish I could transfer my experience on here but its was simply too grand.

PS:My most memorable night life experience was when i ordered sheesha and I was high on two puffs.I would love to blame it on the Hennessy but that was good quality sheesha.
Today,I was so bored in the house after my amazing trip last week to Thailand.My mind was restless and I needed something to cheer me up.I decided to go to the Zara launch held at the Thika Road Mall(TRM) but by the time I made up my mind to make my way there it was a bit late and so as you are about to guess I got there late just as the show was ending.Anyway I still got to have fun with my beautiful sister and my friend Christine Sasha Njeri.I also got to catch up with my other friends,Lewis of Ledida Wear,Bryan Emry and of course Olav Arthur.This is what I decided to wear.
Let me issue an apology for my misbehaving feet who seem to be staging a coup.(i have no idea what was happening there but I will say this again I am not a fan of pics being taken of me.)
Everything am wearing I got from Bangkok.I am soooo going back there one of these days.
Pants,top and belt-Random stores at Platinium mall in Bangkok
Red Coni Cocci bag-Gifted to me by my dear friend.
Here are more photos for you.........ENJOY

Hey my darlings.I know its been a while since I posted anything.Well,we all need a few days off to keep our juices flowing.Last week I got the amazing chance to visit Thailand.It was my first time traveling that far away from my country and the first time on a flight.God! I was nervous!Any way I managed to gather up my courage and get myself to Dubai first and take my connecting flight to Bangkok.When I landed at Dubai I felt like I was in a new world even the airport is so different compared to our small Jomo Kenyatta International Airport one.The most fascinating thing for me was how well marked the directions were and how beautiful it was.I was also amazed at the fact that the wall clocks around the airports were ROLEX.When you flash one toilet all the rest flash as well.This might sound stupid but hey I had never experienced this before.For a fashion lover like me you can imagine how insane I must have looked going through the shops......Swarovski (my favorite jewelry store)Chanel,Hermes,LongChamp etc.My nose must have been numb by the time I was done taking in all the scents.(i think to most people i looked like a drug addict).
Then it was time to board my next flight and I was off to Bangkok.This time I got a window Seat.I loved it coz no one was seated in front of me and I could move my feet freely.I enjoyed watching the airplane wing as we landed at the Thailand Airport.
So here goes another comparison....Thailand is by far the most efficient country ever and the people are just crazy nice.I checked out at the airport in less than 30 minutes and in no time was in a cab headed to my hotel.I kept laughing to myself whenever I remembered how nervous I was.Actually, Now, I kinda feel stupid.Here are a few photos of where I was staying.I stayed at the ST.REGIS.which is the only one located along the train route and is one of the stops.

PS;I am sleepy so will write more tomorrow.Goodnight my darlings.

Hi fashionistas,This is what i wore on Saturday during the day as my friends and I went shoe shopping.You can imagine how much work it was taking those shoes off every time I needed to try on a pair.Well,I didn't think that through but hey!I must have lost a couple of pounds.(not that I need to but what the heck). I still can't get over the fact that i bought 7 pairs of shoes.All you now know how to get to my heart hehe!

I got this dress some time back at Gikomba Market for ksh40 and the shoes 2 weeks ago for ksh400.The bag is my friend's(MAUREEN of http://chezmaureen.weebly.com)

This is what I wore yesterday while going to dinner with friends.I have never worn a long dress to dinner before but i thought this was a good idea coz of the cold in Nairobi.
Vintage dress-Gikomba Market
Cream Aldo shoes-Muthurwa Market
Black and silver clutch bag-Borrowed from my moms closet

This year we are heading back in time and bringing back a timeless trend.Sexy black and white!Anything from stripes,Geometric shapes,checks,plaid,frills,feathers goes.All  that's required is  a black and white combination.2013 black white trend aims to maintain that same  mature elegance but in a dramatic unapologetic way.

The reason I love this trend so much is because you can work with the other new trends like,cutouts.sheer clothing,ruffles,transparent plastic etc. while maintaining the black and white color code.As you may already know any past trends back from the dead always come with a twist.This year the trend erupts to life through intense prints,outrageous shapes,crazy combinations.In my opinion it is the perfect balance for the reserved but sometimes playful personalities-which i think describes half the universe.

Here are a few looks:
ENJOY! And as I always say,if you've got the balls you can rock anything......you don't believe me ask Kesha true story!
This is what i wore yesterday while I was going out for lunch with my younger sister.I had such a great time and got to try out a new joint at the village market.Not much to say though had a lot to get through in terms of office work.I was on the laptop half the time.

As you all know the most recent fashion event was the Met Gala 2013.I totally fell in love with so many designs that i felt i should share with you.I will try give a description of what caught my eye.Please note that i did not take into account the theme in my 'falling in love"The Pic on the left was my favorite of the night.

I love the detail and cut of this evening gown.I liked the collar and geometry on the bust area.I think she has never looked more beautiful and just her age.

My second best design was JLO's choice of the night.Simply put i love this fabric and the print and of course her hair was sick!I love the train effect of it.

And number 3 goes to this white design.I think she is the dragon tattoo gal.I have always been a sucker for lace.The detail was just splendid and I cant get over the zip plunge neckline.This chic can get away with the weirdest of designs.
Here are my best designs mens wear.
1.The blue shade goes perfectly against black skin and the fit on the pants was just perfect.His thighs look sooo good and the length of the pants impeccable!

2.This off-white/cream blazer screams class.I love the fit and collar change in texture.

3.Only Miguel would hack this design and make it look amazing.I love the detail on his shirt and shoes.For some reason he reminds me of my friend and fellow blogger Bryan Emry.

Since i couldnt rank the rest of the looks coz there were sooo many fabulous designs i will just post them randomly for your viewing.
What designs did it for you?????