We have all had first dates and I must say its not one of my favorite occasions to glam up for.However,I have come up with a few pointers to make this nervous time a bit fun if not a piece of cake.

As you may already know all dressing is dependent on the activities and formalities of the 'where' as well as the time of day. upscale night dinners call for classy and sophisticated ensembles while daytime dates such as a picnic or game dates call for comfort and casual chic.

My opinion is for you to ask your date where you will be goin for your date.That way you will dress appropriately.A night date can be easy to dress for if you know there will be a little dancing and drinking after.

The first and most important trick is to know what works on your body and what colors accentuate your eyes and complexion.You are looking to give the best of yourself in a few hours.Choose a style that shows your honest self(there is no point pretending to be someone else and probably he isn't the ONE.Remember,first impressions always count.ALWAYS! If you know you look good and feel comfortable,your confidence will be improved which is likely to do wonders for your date.

Trick two is to aim for the middle ground.Don't try too hard but don't be sloppy.Ladies you don't have to go all red carpet glam the first time round nor red light district short dress.Guys,A first date doesn't necessarily call for suit and tie nor Bermuda shorts and tees.Neutral colors,classic styles and simple accessories are always your best choice.

Here are a few  ideas and where i think they would be ideal.

The above look would be great for a day time evening bite followed by a movie.
The above look would be perfect for  a night out date.The lace bottom gives off a playful feel to the girls personality.
This look would work for both a day date or night look,I would say loose the hat and shades for night.I love that he decided to go sock-less.(neutral classic colors).
Here are a few for my curvy ladies'
This last looks would definitely be a great choice for a beach date.
I have included a few more pics (simply coz i love getting ideas from other people.

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