The sun is out and I am loving every second of it.Well,I am going to ignore the fact that it was drizzling in the morning in Kitui(yeah for those of you who didn't know I work in Kitui)Today I decided to share a style tip when it comes to wearing you notice me,bold floral print pants.
For those of you who are still rookies in this aspect(I am one too),Here is the easiest way to dress your floral pants without looking like you tired too hard.
Because this pants are so 'alive' they look best if paired with a plain separate that allow them to stand out .Be the center of attention of your outfit.
I must say I have been afraid to try this trend for the longest time but i just discovered how to make this transition easy as 1....2....3.
Here goes,Once you have identified the print pants you what to go with,just pick a secondary color on the print pants and go for a top that is plain in this color.Another trick is to play with the other colors on the pant to pick your accessories.
Another way to go especially if you are going for a casual(which is usually the case if you are opting for floral pants)go with a denim top.The was of denim depends on you and the print on the pants.
However,If you feel that you have already graduated from the easy peezy plain top business you can always go for print on print trend and pair your pants with another print separate.(not as easy as you think)
Here are some pics showing you what i mean.
1.The above pic explains what i meant by picking a secondary color on the can see some specks of yellow on the pants hence the yellow top.

2.This is not for the faint of heart.Notice how she combines the prints effortlessly?I love it but i wouldn't necessarily wear it.I will need a few months to get used to the one print item on my body.
3.My favorite is the first look with the blue,red,white and black.I am one conservative chic so now you know why i love love it.
xoxo JULEZ
Remember,you can rock anything as long as you've got the balls!

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