If you refer yourself as a fashionista the it goes without saying that you've noticed that men's insppired attire/androgyny is all the rage at the moment.The gent-inspired items aim at adding a boyish flair to your look.Here are 3 of the simplest ways of doing just that.
Loafers-  These are laceless slip-on shoes with a mocassin construct.When their sole are rubberized they create the perfect palette for a casual look.

However when the materials used are of a dressy fashion,they can qualify for even the classiest of occassions.Loafers have also taken a heeled aspect to accomodate the ladies who are 'heel obssessed
The best part is that men  or women can wear this with just about anything,suits,skirts esp.maxi skirts,shorts etc.

Oxfords-These are detail vamped shoes and especially on the lace-up section.Oxfords can be dressy or casual and as well heeled for the ladies.These type of shoe have evolved through the years not in construct but rather in detail.Tassels,zips,stads,heel type.Personally I love this shoe.

Brogues-Brouging refers to the act of perforating patterns along the seams and outer layers of the shoes.Brogues will usually be distinctive from their 'w' shape on the toecap.This is why they are also known as'wing tips'

xoxo Julez


Zafarani Mansurali
08/28/2012 2:26am

I love the fashion shots I would love to see more.

08/28/2012 6:19am

Hey Zafarani,Thanx for reading my blog I will be sure to include more photos on the same for your viewing.
xoxo julez


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