My latest obsession is the hot Noir trend that fashionistas all over seem to be eating up.We all know the film industry usually has alot to do with whats on trend but this is just the shit.
Noir or Gothic just means mystery and fantasy.In this fantastic era of dark movies from the Twilight saga,Tru Blood,The Gates and of course SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN,its obvious designers are loving the attention given to the dark side.This trend screams fantasy and mystery,words we all love.Unlike the past gothic fetishes,this trend is less procative and more sexy.2012-2013 Noir whispers a hint of mystery and danger but still accords a breath of fresh air.Black is no longer boring!

Black on  has always been a hot ticket but if you want to work it right add texture to your outfit.This will not only add flair but will add an interesting blip even in the absence of color.It will probably do alot for your figure so hey I say its a DO.

SHEER LAYERING is another way to go.If you choose to use this as the focal aspect of your outfit make it a sheer black or if not let it be in the same family as black say a navy or royal blue.This will definitely break the intensity of the black.

DETAIL;Add detail to your outfit by incorporating feathers,beads,frills,leather,lace or whatever else comes to mind.However remember to keep in theme and go for dark shades for that mystery motif.
HINT OF BOLD:A splash of color is always a great addition to a black outfit.Although this has to be done with careful precision due to proportions so as not to loose the thematic look,it is a fan take on Noir.My favorite way to achieve this is to do a smokey eye with royal/colbat blue shadow and liner as well as mascara.
HAIR AND BEAUTY:Hair should be thematic.Beauty can take many forms from nude with a red lip,nude with a dark smokey eye or just soft makeup for that contrast from the outfit.
xoxo Julez the stylist


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