This fashion trend is a must have for all you fashionistas out there.However,It is one for those not faint at heart,the risk takers.(Christine Sasha can i hear an Amen sister!). This year unlike 2012,its all about sheer prints and not just sheer lady-like lace.This trend is thus the opposite of demure and if executed well enough screams sex appeal.Best of all different looks can go from day to night.The secret to nailing this trend is avoid overdoing it.You all saw what happened to Fergie when she went overboard with the orange sheer gown that turned gorgeous to Halloween costume.She done already make that mistake don't do it again!
Remember to choose the right foundation for the ensemble(by foundation i mean your bra and panties)
POINT TO NOTE:Even in sheer there is showing too much.Balance is key!


10/02/2013 10:40pm

Another good blog idea Igor. I think only a couple people started the trend and it has growing into a dumb fashion style.

10/03/2013 12:17am

I agree this was one of those trends that not everyone welcomed but now people are getting a heng of it.


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