As you all know the most recent fashion event was the Met Gala 2013.I totally fell in love with so many designs that i felt i should share with you.I will try give a description of what caught my eye.Please note that i did not take into account the theme in my 'falling in love"The Pic on the left was my favorite of the night.

I love the detail and cut of this evening gown.I liked the collar and geometry on the bust area.I think she has never looked more beautiful and just her age.

My second best design was JLO's choice of the night.Simply put i love this fabric and the print and of course her hair was sick!I love the train effect of it.

And number 3 goes to this white design.I think she is the dragon tattoo gal.I have always been a sucker for lace.The detail was just splendid and I cant get over the zip plunge neckline.This chic can get away with the weirdest of designs.
Here are my best designs mens wear.
1.The blue shade goes perfectly against black skin and the fit on the pants was just perfect.His thighs look sooo good and the length of the pants impeccable!

2.This off-white/cream blazer screams class.I love the fit and collar change in texture.

3.Only Miguel would hack this design and make it look amazing.I love the detail on his shirt and shoes.For some reason he reminds me of my friend and fellow blogger Bryan Emry.

Since i couldnt rank the rest of the looks coz there were sooo many fabulous designs i will just post them randomly for your viewing.
What designs did it for you?????

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