I really haven't time to write any articles of late so i decided to share a few of my favorite bedrooms.Enjoy!!
I will be sharing more stuff soon!




For as long as i can remember,mirrors have always been somewhat of an obsession for me when it comes to decorating a room.For this reason I have decided to dedicate my first ever write-up on decorating to them.I really couldn't wait to get my own place(Nah not for the reasons you have in mind.....)I couldn't wait to experiment with a space i could call my own.(My mom is kind of a perfectionist,control freak....I still love you mom).
You must now be thinking,how many mirrors are in her house?Well,None yet.Reason:I never seem to find what am looking for in the local market and once i do they are sooo expensive you would think i get a complimentary heart with the piece.

Here are a few reasons why mirrors are my number 1 home decor accessory.
1.They can be used both for functional purposes as well as decorative.I am quite the frugal chic so this is a definite plus.
By placing a mirror lined with gorgeous frame above a sink it acts as a decorative piece and can as well be used to look
at your beautiful face as you wash your face first thing in the morning after a tickle...hehehe!

2.Mirrors are a great way to add dimensions in a space without construction work.By dimension i mean length ,height or width.
If you feel like a space is too short in height adding a few mirrors to the room in a vertical fashion will create the illusion of height or length when it comes to a short hall way just add mirrors along the hallway wall.

3.We all know that every room in your house should have a focal point.Focal point-The area of the room that calls out to your senses every time you walk into it.Mirrors work perfectly to improve rooms both functionally as well as on a decorative degree.Here is an example of what i mean.
4.Mirrors add space to a room.How does this work?Well we all know that mirrors that are in good condition reflect light.By adding light into a room then it appears larger than it actually is.Check out these pics and see what i mean.Imagine them without the mirrors and see if you can pick up on the difference.
Now you all know why i want mirrors in my house.once I do my own DIY version of it i will share with you.I LOVE DOING STUFF MYSELF.DON'T YOU?
Here are a few more pics for your viewing.