This year we are heading back in time and bringing back a timeless trend.Sexy black and white!Anything from stripes,Geometric shapes,checks,plaid,frills,feathers goes.All  that's required is  a black and white combination.2013 black white trend aims to maintain that same  mature elegance but in a dramatic unapologetic way.

The reason I love this trend so much is because you can work with the other new trends like,cutouts.sheer clothing,ruffles,transparent plastic etc. while maintaining the black and white color code.As you may already know any past trends back from the dead always come with a twist.This year the trend erupts to life through intense prints,outrageous shapes,crazy combinations.In my opinion it is the perfect balance for the reserved but sometimes playful personalities-which i think describes half the universe.

Here are a few looks:
ENJOY! And as I always say,if you've got the balls you can rock don't believe me ask Kesha true story!

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