Many titles have been given to this necer dying style from preppy look,school gal..........I must say though,this is one of my best styles ever.Reason,well,it combines the innocence of a school gal(yes they too can be innocent case in point ME! before I got recked by the world),with the power and respect of a classy elegant lady from preferably paris.
If you are a fan of GOSSIP GIRL then you have definitely come across this look from none other but my fav gal Blair Woldoff.This style gives the best world of:
1.Varsity jackets
2.Thick -horn rimmed glasses(a new addition to this hot geek look

3.Retro hairstyles(adds an element of respect and class)
4.Tartan/plaid fabrics
5.Ankle socks
7.Peter pan collars
8.Button down shirts(range from your usual white,boyfriend or denim)just depends on how you pair them.

P.S You can rock anything as long as you've got the balls!


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