Hey my darlings.I know its been a while since I posted anything.Well,we all need a few days off to keep our juices flowing.Last week I got the amazing chance to visit Thailand.It was my first time traveling that far away from my country and the first time on a flight.God! I was nervous!Any way I managed to gather up my courage and get myself to Dubai first and take my connecting flight to Bangkok.When I landed at Dubai I felt like I was in a new world even the airport is so different compared to our small Jomo Kenyatta International Airport one.The most fascinating thing for me was how well marked the directions were and how beautiful it was.I was also amazed at the fact that the wall clocks around the airports were ROLEX.When you flash one toilet all the rest flash as well.This might sound stupid but hey I had never experienced this before.For a fashion lover like me you can imagine how insane I must have looked going through the shops......Swarovski (my favorite jewelry store)Chanel,Hermes,LongChamp etc.My nose must have been numb by the time I was done taking in all the scents.(i think to most people i looked like a drug addict).
Then it was time to board my next flight and I was off to Bangkok.This time I got a window Seat.I loved it coz no one was seated in front of me and I could move my feet freely.I enjoyed watching the airplane wing as we landed at the Thailand Airport.
So here goes another comparison....Thailand is by far the most efficient country ever and the people are just crazy nice.I checked out at the airport in less than 30 minutes and in no time was in a cab headed to my hotel.I kept laughing to myself whenever I remembered how nervous I was.Actually, Now, I kinda feel stupid.Here are a few photos of where I was staying.I stayed at the ST.REGIS.which is the only one located along the train route and is one of the stops.

PS;I am sleepy so will write more tomorrow.Goodnight my darlings.

07/29/2013 2:02am

Hey girl,this are lovely photos,and am glad you slept in a such a beautiful hotel,am almost envious of your trip...But this life we live once,enjoy it as much as you can...and welcome back home,you were missed


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08/01/2014 2:04am

I can imagine you in all those shops.. Looks like you had a ton of fun!


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